Plans & Pricing


The me2you network has only TWO types of plans. 

The two types are: Network, and Advertiser.

A Network is the individual, business, or organization that has integrity and the trust of many individuals that they will showcase their Network to.  A Network may be someone that has a large influence in general, or a targeted niche that is specific to a certain genre, or some combination there-in.  Job categories that are a perfect fit for Networks are: barbers, hair stylists, and other personal care jobs.

An Advertiser is an individual, business, or organization that wishes to be recommended by a Network, and be searchable within the me2you network.  The Advertiser is what people visiting me2you network are looking for.  The Advertiser advertises with a Network to have that Network recommend their product, service, business, or organization.  It is therefore advantageous for an Advertiser to choose to advertise with a Network that has integrity and trust within the proper niche or population.

Network Pricing

There is no cost to create a Network.

The reason to create a Network, and find Advertisers to recommend is because me2you network is a service.  This means that when a Network has at least five (5) Advertisers they are recommending in a full month that 20% of the income is transferred to the Network provided Paypal account.  In full months that a Network has ten (10) or more Advertisers me2you network will transfer 40% of the income to the Network’s Paypal account.

Yes, me2you network is an easy way for anyone to monetize their Network of recommended businesses, organizations, and services.  Since many people informally recommend all the time the me2you network allows you to enhance your integrity in recommending only Advertisers you trust.  It is the Network’s choice whether to Advertise a business, or not.

Since passive income can be built using the me2you network we strongly suggest that Network’s download the me2you network logo from their Info & Account Network Tab, and link it on their personal websites to their Network URL that is also found in the Network tab.  The more people that know about your Network the more people will use it.  The more people that use the Advertisers you recommend the better for you, and the Advertiser.  It’s a win-win.

Advertiser Pricing

There is a $50 (plus tax where applicable) per month fee to advertise in a Network of the Advertiser’s choosing.  All advertising contracts are six (6) months in length and begin on the first day of the calendar month following acceptance and payment.  

An Advertiser chooses which Network they wish to be recommended by.  Once a Network is selected the Network must accept the Advertiser’s request.  After acceptance payment is made to me2you network, and the Advertiser’s advertisement is queued to begin at the beginning of the next calendar month to run for six (6) months.

NOTE: During BETA (start-up phase) paid advertisements will begin within 48 hours instead of waiting for the next calendar month.

Trust, Integrity & a Handshake

Networks of people are built with integrity and trust. 

Legitimate Advertisers also must maintain integrity and the trust of their audience/customers.

The me2you network is a self policing network of trust and integrity.  What this means is that Networks handshake with Advertisers to recommend them.  Both parties want and need to maintain integrity and trust in order to build and maintain brands.  With this in mind both the Network and the Advertiser have the ability to end a handshake recommendation before the end of a six month contract should they deem there to be need.

Should a contract be ended early the Advertiser will be credited the difference.  However, it is our hope that by choosing the Networks and Advertisers of integrity this option will not be used much.

If a Network, or Advertiser abuses trust and integrity they may be permanently removed from me2you network.

ONLY Networks and Advertisers with trust and integrity will be found within me2you network.  If a business isn’t advertised within me2you network it may not have the integrity it should.  Trust the recommendations of those Networks you know.