Classic Networking with Trust, Integrity & a Handshake


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Are You a Business, or Provide a Service You Would Like to Advertise?

The me2you network enables you to create an Advertiser landing page for your business, service, product, or organization complete with contact information, websites, social media, map locations,  and more!  All information is fully integrated into search engines, and is also discoverable by everyone that uses the me2you network. 

Advertising & Pricing

The most market disrupting feature of the me2you network is that there are NO REVIEWS, and NO STARS.  The me2you network runs completely on old-school TRUST, INTEGRITY & A HANDSHAKE.  Your Advertising dollars are targeted, by you, through your choice of Network you advertise with.  For just $50 per month, six month minimum, you choose which networking individual, business, or organization you trust to tell others about your business, service, product, or organization.  The me2you network is literally like having a personalized sales associate combined with all your web marketing.

Bonus for BETA Advertisers

BETA is the test phase of new software products and applications. BETA is used to ensure a product performs correctly, and allows for any changes that may become necessary. In full normal, or OPEN operation the me2you network begins new advertisements at the start of the next closest calendar month, and runs them for six months.  During BETA Advertisers will have their paid Advertisement made live the next day, instead of the next month, so can benefit from up to almost another month of advertising free of charge.

Are You a Person, or Organization Able to Talk/Share with Many Other People?

The me2you network enables you to monetize your Network of individuals without having to become pushy with sales, services, or products.  In fact, if you’re in an industry that regularly recommends services, products, and businesses (hairstylists, barbers, RMTs, estheticians, etc) to your clients than the me2you network is a natural extension for you.  And if you’re an Influencer, or are simply known by targeted, or large number of people then you can monetize that as well.  In fact, organizations can also utilize their large contact base to monetize their relationships as well.

Network without sales?

There is nothing more important in networking than trust and integrity.  It is your personal trust that you have with others, and the integrity of character you show with others that make them accept your recommendation of businesses, products, organizations, and services.  It is your personal level of trust & integrity you have with those people you interact with that makes the me2you network work.  You alone are in charge of the trust others put in you, and your recommendations and with the me2you network you provide everyone the ability to benefit from your trust and integrity.

What about the handshake?

As someone that will self-police to ensure others trust the information you provide you accept to recommend Advertisers in your Network.  You handshake with businesses, organizations, product and service providers to recommend them.  And, most important to your integrity, you choose whom you recommend.  The me2you network does not vet, or warrant anyone you recommend – you do that yourself. Your choice.

Monetize the me2you network service?

The me2you network is actually an online service.  We provide your Network landing page to you, all the connections to your recommended Advertisers, and the ability to manage everything.  You handshake with Advertisers.  Once there are five (5) Advertisers in your Network, for a complete month, we will ensure 20% of your Network’s gross income, before tax, passes through to you each month.  This is the amount of money available after paying for the me2you services.  We don’t stop there though, because once you gain and maintain ten (10) Advertisers or more in your Network each month we will ensure a full 40% of your Network’s gross income, before tax, passes through to you!  The amount of money you make from your Network is limited only by the number of Handshakes you make (Advertisers in your Network).  Oh yes, did we mention that being a me2you Network is absolutely free?!  No fees to you as the Network.

Who is the me2you network for?

The short answer is: Everyone!

The me2you network is for any person to search businesses, services, and organizations recommended by those they trust.  There are no reviews to slow them down.  There are no stars to get in the way.  And there is no rating to think about.  People using me2you trust the Network they’re following, so know that that Network’s recommended Advertisers have integrity and can be trusted.  This makes every single recommendation a “hot lead”.

Every business can benefit from Advertising with a selected Network that will enhance their brand, business, and sales.

Every person that is capable of having a Network through their job, business, or by virtue of how many people they know can monetize the recommendations that they provide every day.  No extra work to make money.

Even organizations, like PTA or Community Groups, can monetize their Network by recommending Advertisers they trust.  No more selling chocolate bars.

me2you network

The me2you network is different.  With no reviews, ratings, or stars it is a fast way for anyone to quickly get an answer they’re looking for and then contact those businesses.

Leveraging trust and integrity is what has been missing on the Internet.  Even after reading reviews, and checking ratings people still took to social media to ask if anyone they knew recommended anyone.  This is the niche that me2you network fills.

Yes, the me2you network is disruptive.  Yes, the me2you network is a different way of thinking about advertising online.  No, the idea isn’t new – it’s old-school.

Classic Networking with Trust, Integrity & a Handshake